Why Video Game Film Adaptations Usually Fail

Video Game Film

In the last few years, video game-based movies have gained popularity among Hollywood production companies. Movies like Warcraft, Netflix’s Resident Evil, and most recently Uncharted, which was at best average, have been released recently. The only successful and widely regarded video game adaptations were anime and animations like Castlevania and Arcane.

Final Fantasy has also had a nice run with a few movies of its own, but the franchise is much more successful for its video games. One of the more popular ones is Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XIV, the main currency is Final Fantasy XIV Gil which can be a bit pricey. If you want access to the Gil at a fair price, you should check out the Eldorado.gg gaming marketplace.

The Fundamental Flaw of Video Game Movies

We should explain why the idea of making a movie based on a video game is defective and incorrect before even attempting to identify the primary reason every such attempt fails.

While watching a movie takes both sight and hearing, listening to music simply needs a decent pair of ears. Movies are more popular than paintings because they keep your eyes and ears busy. To put it another way, this type of art broadens the experience. Video games today want the player to participate in the story’s creation.

It encourages players to utilize their hands, eyes, and ears to hear, see, and control events. Even if you play music but don’t listen to it, it will ultimately stop.

Final Fantasy XIV manages to be a great blend between storytelling and a great multiplayer experience. Be sure to get your microtransactions for Final Fantasy XIV Gil from a trusted marketplace like Eldorado.gg.

Variance in Storytelling Structure

The fact that movies have a different kind of structure for their storyline than video games is another major factor in why most video game adaptations fail.

A film’s story and script must be complex, insightful, and well-written if it is to be good or a masterpiece. A movie’s primary objective is to amuse the audience with a compelling narrative. A strong story is the first and most essential component of every movie.

With video games, this is not the case. A good video game’s primary objective is to pass the time through entertaining gameplay and level design. Many of the most well-liked games lack masterpieces or complex plots, unlike Warzone or Fortnite. However, when a studio and filmmaker spend countless hours crafting a compelling and in-depth narrative like in BioShock or Witcher 3, fans and critics appreciate it.

But even if we just focus on the narrative in movies and video games, there are still a lot of differences between both.

They differ most significantly in how each story develops its speed. A movie’s plot cannot remain stationary, like in a computer game, yet nevertheless advance. We feel a connection to the main character, which contributes to the movie’s satisfaction. 

In order to provide that satisfaction, the film must develop a relatable and authentic character. In terms of the games, the joy comes from delving into the enigma on your own.

Can Good Video Game Adaptations become the norm?

It would be far more interesting than simply watching a character do things to be able to manage the main character of a novel. Therefore, the only way to make a good video game movie is to convey an original tale set in the game’s setting. The gameplay of BioShock cannot be closely recreated in the movie adaptation.

The most recent Final Fantasy film from the Final Fantasy XV promotion was one of the better adaptations.

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