5 Best Stray Mods That Make the Game Even Prettier

Stray Mods

Stray is a newly released Indie video game by Annapurna Interactive for PC and PlayStation. It supports only Single-player mode and comes with the Adventure genre at its core. The story follows a stray cat who falls into a strange city full of machines, robots, and deadly viruses; however, the ultimate goal is to discover the way out. During the game, you can get help from a drone companion, known as B-12. 

Furthermore, the game uses the third-person viewpoint for exploration and lets the player explores the landscapes by leaping across platforms and overcoming hurdles. With every game’s release, players with a bit of knowledge of modding embark on a journey to bring something more exciting to the game for other players and have fun together. Similarly, we’ve compiled a list of Best Stray Game Mods that make your game beautiful to play. 

5 Best Mods for Stray 

Players ready to unlock the next level of cuteness can try these mods to make their cat adorable. The available mods are the following: 

1. Siamese Cat Blue Eye’s

If you aren’t happy with your cat’s appearance, then downloading a mod would be a good idea as it brings pre-tweaked parameters with several options. There are several eye-catching furs recolors to choose from and make your cat appealing. Installing and extracting the mod isn’t a big deal as it can easily be extracted to the installation folder. 

2. Pick of the Litter

There’s nothing wrong with the most beloved tabby cats because its fur color is indicative; however, some players are eager to modify the cat’s appearance; however, the game doesn’t allow it. Meanwhile, you can use Pick of the Litter color to make your dream come true. The mod comes with hand-drawn painted textures for your cat. 

3. Glasses

Although the customization features aren’t extensive to give you thousands of options, you can use mods to get new ideas and items to your game. Exploring the land and getting into libraries isn’t difficult; however, portraying yourself as the smartest cat requires you to have glasses on your cat that are only possible using the Glasses mod in the Stray video game. 

4. Eyepatch 

Indeed, you would love to explore the land as a pirate who is always on the hunt for treasure and money. Eyepatch mod allows you to experience the pirate’s life in the Walled City. Players have both options: wearing glasses or the eyepatch using mods mentioned here. 

5. Newsboy cap

Giving a stylish look to your cat is always fun. At first glance, eyepatches and glasses might seem convenient to you; however, there are many other things that you can do with your cat to make it cool. This mode is designed to give a classy outfit with leather finishing. Install and extract the Newboy Cap mod to the game folder and start walking across the street in style. 

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