Why is an Ethernet Connection a Better Option for IT firms?

Ethernet Connection

An IT firm has numerous interrelated processes that ensure effectiveness and efficiency on different fronts. Efficient communication and uninterrupted data flow are mandatory for these firms to stay competitive and effective. An Ethernet connection is probably the best option for these firms to ensure better data transfer and security. Being exposed to cyber-attacks and threats, IT firms must add extra security protocols to the communication infrastructure to avoid mishaps. This post will explain why an Ethernet connection is a better option for IT firms. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Importance of Ethernet Connection for IT Firms:

Modern-day IT firms have a lot on their plates. They should manage their communication infrastructure and connect numerous devices to LAN or WAN. This interconnectivity of devices requires excellent wiring, and an Ethernet connection could be a perfect fit. With better speed, high-end security, and reliability, this connection will never disappoint you regarding communication and data transfer. We have compiled a few points elaborating on the importance of Ethernet for IT organizations. Let us roll through it!

1. Better data transfer speed:

High data transfer speed is the primary advantage of using an Ethernet connection in your IT company. Modern-day IT firms believe a wireless connection could be more reliable; however, it is no match for Ethernet. A wireless connection can never offer you the data transfer speed you need in an IT setup. Did you know an Ethernet connection can offer a data transfer speed of up to 100 Gbps? It is amazing!

Large-scale IT organizations are often worried about sending large files to different points. However, they must not worry about time and security as an Ethernet connection can help them. The transfer speed depends on the type of Ethernet, network topology, and cabling. The best cable to use is structured cabling, and you should ask professional structured cabling companies in Dubai to install it for you!

2. Top-notch data security:

No other wiring system can offer better security than an Ethernet connection – especially in a communication-driven company. When it comes to a reliable network connection to transfer sensitive files, nothing will help you more than this setup. Compared with Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection, Ethernet will take the highest marks regarding data security and privacy.

The data on the system can never be accessed without a physically attached device. It makes the stored data safer and more secure. Moreover, Ethernet can also display the device or user accessing a particular file on the network. It helps the management recognize unauthorized access to avoid data stealing.

3. A cost-effective option:

Many IT companies believe a wired setup costs more than a wireless system. However, they should realize that an Ethernet connection can save money on equipment and offers the best value for your investment. Despite having multiple components, an Ethernet connection is a cost-effective alternative for wireless connections.

An Ethernet setup can connect different devices and foster data transfer up to 6.1 miles. Wi-Fi routers have a normal range of 150-300 ft compared to a wireless connection. Therefore, you should prefer a single wired setup instead of investing in multiple wireless routers.

4. Easy to install:

An Ethernet connection is easier to install and maintain than other alternatives. The game starts with a few devices and an Ethernet cable to connect these devices. If you have a technical background, you can do it yourself. However, many need help with the installation, and who but professional structured cabling companies in Dubai can help their cause?

Installing an Ethernet connection requires you to collect a few hardware devices. The list of essential devices and materials goes here:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Bridge
  • Router
  • Modem
  • Ethernet port
  • Network Interface Card (NIC)

5. Power efficiency:

Ethernet cables can provide excellent data transfer speed and come at a lower power cost. Your electrical bills will not go as high as expected before installing the networking infrastructure. These cables consume less energy than other alternative options, and IT firms will never say NO to this aspect of Ethernet cables. CAT6, CAT7, and fiber optic cables are highly power-efficient, and you can enjoy streamlined power consumption in your IT company.

The devices used in this setup are often put on lower mode for better power efficiency. In Ethernet connections, devices like modems, routers, and hubs consume less power than a Wi-Fi connection. Being an IT firm owner, you must be highly concerned about power consumption and opt for options to save energy and money.

Enjoy streamlined communication with structured cables!

Structured cabling system can offer you excellent data communication and transfer rates. Besides, you can also enjoy top-notch security while sending sensitive files from one point to another. It would be best to ask professional structured cabling installation experts to help install this system in your company. The advantages will outweigh the cost in the long run!

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