How Can Fleet Management Software Help You Avoid Your Fleet’s Downtime

How Can Fleet Management Software Help You Avoid Your Fleet’s Downtime

Fleets are the backbone of a country’s economy. They are responsible for driving any nation’s economy. They are found working on tight, time-bound schedules that are critical for productivity and profitability. And even if a single vehicle from a fleet is off the road, it can cause a loss of revenue for both the fleet company and the customers.

Reducing fleet downtime is imperative for operating a smooth and efficient operation. Also, with reduced downtime, the fleet company will be able to maintain its profitability and productivity of the company. It is only possible with regular vehicle maintenance, and adopting fleet management software can even automate this job for you.


What is the problem with Fleet Downtime?

If a vehicle is in the repair shop and not on the road, your company is not earning. Your fleet forms the heartbeat of your fleet business. And the more time it will take to repair the vehicles, the less opportunity you have to serve your customers. 

Not to forget that downtime of vehicles even costs the company monetary wise. Overlooking preventive maintenance for a long time might even cause the company to later stages to face the worst – replacing your current vehicle with a newer one. This will set your company back both monetary and time-wise.


Disadvantages of Downtime of Fleet

Whenever any of your vehicles breaks down, it will definitely affect your business negatively. The negative effects could be in the form of the following: 

Repair Costs

The repair cost is downtime’s most common negative effect on your fleet business. Though companies do have yearly budgets for the repair and maintenance of their fleet, unexpected breakdowns cause unforeseen expenditures. Also, these unexpected breakdowns generally cost more as the vehicle requires towing and expensive emergency repairs. Also, the company might have to rent a vehicle to complete the job.


Reduced Productivity

Loss in productivity is another disadvantage caused by the increased downtime of the fleet. This causes added pressure on other vehicles to pick up the slack of the sidelined vehicle, increasing wear on the assets. Furthermore, your office might get flooded with calls from customers inquiring about their consignment delays. This might stain your customer relations.


Loss of Revenue

Failing to deliver goods on the expected timeline will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Any business that wants to thrive needs happy and satisfied customers on its side because they are the ones providing the fleet company with business. Eventually, your company might be dealing with unhappy customers, which will affect your company’s revenue negatively.


How Fleet Management Software Helps Avoid Downtime

The best way to reduce or completely avoid your fleet’s downtime is to carefully monitor your vehicles and drivers. Also, scheduling maintenance regularly can ultimately reduce downtime. But doing all this manually can be faulty and effort-consuming. Fleet management software is the best technology to eliminate fleet downtime. 

The fleet management system efficiently tracks your vehicles and provides telematics data to fleet managers. Through OBD, managers gain important data on engine and vehicle health internally and externally. Besides GPS tracking, managers can even supervise the driver’s driving skills and the whole operation. Using the software, managers can even schedule maintenance of the vehicles according to the reports provided. 


Fuel Monitoring System

Through this solution, managers can monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle. If the vehicle’s engine is consuming more fuel, it clearly indicates that it needs repair and maintenance. It is very important to find the origin of the problem to fix it. The data provided by the software is trustworthy and accurate. Depending on it will help you to increase the lifeline of the fleet.


Video Telematics

Gain a 360° visual of your driver and road through the mounted dash cams facing the driver and the road. Through ADAS and DMS, managers receive alerts whenever drivers are distracted, drowsy, or drunk while driving. This increases the chances of accidents. Managers also receive preventive alerts when there is a collision about to happen. All these features help to avoid reckless driving, which can cause accidents leading to downtime and expenditure.


Driver Behaviour Monitoring

This fleet management system solution helps distinguish bad drivers from good ones. Managers receive real time alerts whenever the drivers are driving recklessly. They receive detailed reports on the events that occur during the trip. Events like harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, overspeeding, excessive driving, and freewheeling are harmful to the drivers and the vehicles. 

These events have a huge negative impact on vehicles. They increase the speed of wear and tear of the tires and other components of the fleet. Thus leading to unannounced breakdowns and the need for repairs. 


Route Planning Software

It becomes crucial to plan a route that is perfect for the operation as it will help decrease the duration and costs of the trip. But managers also need to keep in mind the need for stops. Also, the route undertaken need to be even otherwise, the chances of a breakdown increase. Another factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing the route is the available help fleet can receive. 

Using the software, managers can automatically devise the best suited path. Not much efforts have to be put in. also they receive live alerts if any vehicle deviates from the set route.


Analytical Reports

The fleet monitoring system provides the managers with automated reports containing real time information. It contains accurate detail of the vehicle’s health and any anomalies the vehicle is struggling with. Studying these reports will help fleet managers schedule maintenance of the vehicles and take timely actions.


Use TrackoBit To Kee Your Fleet Up and Running

Downtime is harmful to fleet businesses, especially unexpected ones. They cost the company both its customers and resources. It is vital that the companies eliminate or reduce downtime of the vehicles as they are harmful. They can do so successfully by adopting fleet management software into their work process. This will allow them to monitor both the vehicles and the drivers.

TrackoBit is a fleet monitoring software that offers cutting-edge solutions that will help fleet companies tackle downtime efficiently. Get a Demo now!

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