Naughty Fashion Ideas for Fun Dates

Aside from eating strawberries with whipped cream, licking lips, and winking at each other, a good fashion sense is next to gold. The best way to ensure your potential long-term mate knows what is going through your head is to dress the part. This can sometimes be tough if you prefer not to reveal too much, yet still want some intimacy. Most naughty fashion ideas seem to lean toward revealing lots of flesh. However, there are ways to keep him interested and still leave lots to the imagination.

Say what you mean.

Show what you mean and mean what you are revealing through the dress. It is important to know exactly what your attire implies and perhaps why your partner behaves the way they do. Check out a few Brazilian dating sites online to meet lovely ladies meeting your dating preferences. If you are one of the registered ladies online who managed to secure a date, then fashion sense needs checking. The naughty fashion ideas work for fun dates and are bound to facilitate more dates moving forward.

1. Thigh-High Boots

Depending on what is worn with these shoes, it can be quite alluring and seductive. The best dress to wear with said boots would of course be miniskirts. Some ladies might wear sheer pantyhose underneath but the more flesh you reveal in this case, the better.

It is no secret that men ogling a lady in thigh-high boots are pondering what is underneath.

Thigh-high boots can make any man go wild if worn with shirts. Shirt dresses are also popular but a men’s shirt with these boots will have any man staring with nothing to lose. It might even get him to stay indoors as opposed to hanging out with the boys.

2. Spaghetti Tops

These tops reveal just enough skin to make any man look twice. With spaghetti tops and tight clothing underneath, the sky’s the limit as far as attraction is concerned. Wear these when alone with him or when out and about. The idea is to keep his eyes and attention fixed on you and no one else.

A woman’s skin always keeps a man interested and with spaghetti tops, you cannot go wrong. If it is the first date, keep things tucked in without too much cleavage. The open shoulders and back along with a little bosom are enough while you make merry and continue bonding.

3. Little Dress

Everyone knows that the little black dress is important for those naughty nights out, but the red dress is a killer. Having a red dress is enough to stun your date and total strangers. If he cannot keep his eyes on you throughout, someone else will. Also, these little dresses are surefire ways of ensuring you maintain interest or at least hook up for the night. If he doesn’t respond, he probably plays for the other team.

4. Matching Underwear

If she wears a matching bra and panties, the likelihood that she planned it all is very high. This is an old belief that matching underwear is no coincidence. So, as you meet ladies from Brazilian dating sites online, pay attention to their underwear – if indeed you get that far.

It is likely that she had this planned from the get-go and had you in mind long before the date. This is a plus, meaning you made an impression earlier and need to finish what she started. Most men should know how to read these signs but if they miss the signals, someone else will notice them.

Bottom Line

It is not always about short skirts and revealing tops but rather what you make work, and when. A male long-sleeved shirt and boots can go a long way to securing a hookup and keeping him indoors. Also, mixing and matching outfits keeps him guessing; which might be exactly where you want him. 

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