How To Become A Mortgage Broker: 5 Steps

Mortgage Broker

The real estate segment offers appreciation for investment and stability. Mortgage brokers are licensed professionals that connect with real estate buyers and sellers and facilitate the agreements of interested parties. The profession is highly rewarding for those who wish to be a mortgage broker in South Carolina and the USA. If you like communicating and have some mathematics skills, you can also pursue a rewarding and exciting career as a mortgage broker.

The Five Steps of Becoming a Mortgage Broker

As stated, mortgage brokers (also called Mortgage Loan Officers) act as an intermediary between homeowners and home buyers. They present their clients with the best rate for a mortgage. Mortgage brokers may be hired by interested buyers or sellers to research, connect with other parties, and provide them with the best rate of interest and contract conditions. Apart from home loans and direct sales, mortgage brokers may help people accomplish many other real estate transactional objectives as well. Below are the important five steps following which you can be a mortgage broker and indulge in the services of mortgage and refinance in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Earn the Basic Qualification

You can pursue a mortgage broker career if you have a post-secondary degree and a high school diploma. Your GED or your High School Diploma will be the basic qualification you require to be a mortgage broker. If you want to work in a job, real estate companies often do not require a college degree. However, it would be even better for your career as a mortgage broker if you have a postgraduate degree in accounting, finance, or business administration. Such post-secondary education will not only improve your earning potential and salary but will also bring you many more employment opportunities.

Start with Your Pre-Licensure Classes

You will have to study in the pre-licensure classes to appear in the licensure exam for a mortgage broker. The class usually has a duration of 20 hours. It covers topics including State/Federal laws, financial regulations, and ethics of brokerage. The classes will help you familiarize yourself with different concepts and knowledge areas of the mortgage broker profession. You will also be able to use such information and knowledge when you start to work as a mortgage broker.

Pass the NMLS (National Market License System) Test

Once you have undergone the pre-licensure classes and are ready to take the exam, you must appear for the NMLS test. This exam is also called the “Safe Mortgage Loan Originator Exam or Test”.

Register Yourself as a Mortgage Broker

Now you are ready to start your own business and profession as a mortgage broker after you pass the exam and obtain the license. There can be a licensing fee that you need to submit (along with an application) to acquire the license. Candidates may also be required to furnish a bond. You will have to register with the state regulatory bodies for licensure. 

For working as a mortgage broker, you need to have an office and a physical address. However, you can also work online without any physical location. You can create your own home office with all the necessary resources. Once you have a license, you will also get employment opportunities from established real estate broking businesses and companies.

License Renewal and Maintenance

You must get your mortgage broker license renewed each year once you acquire it. For the renewal, you will have to undergo certain credit and background checks. However, some of the states in the USA may have some additional requirements as well for the renewal. For a successful mortgage broker career and long-term growth, continue with the necessary education and training throughout the career.


Mortgage brokers help people realize their dream of owning homes and properties. You can also start your career and profession in mortgage broking. It is a wonderful way to gain immense rewards and income while helping your clients make their real estate purchases at the best prices possible.


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