Features to Count On While Selecting a Free Paraphrasing Tool for You

Paraphrasing Tool

Whether a student, writer, or digital marketer, you are likely to add duplicate content to your writing accidentally. Sometimes the unattended and unrectified duplication in the content can lead to several uncalled-for consequences. 

Especially for the students, overlooked plagiarized content in academic assignments, synopsis, thesis, or dissertation can affect their careers. Duplication in academic assignments over a specified percentage is not acceptable. 

Hence, being a student, you would want to reduce the duplication.

Generally, the excessive duplication in academic assignments is because of the addition of quotations. You need to rewrite the obtained data from another source in your own words to avoid excessive duplication. 

Students often need to rephrase the content while sustaining its meaning, resulting in the inclusion of wrong information or vague sentences in the content of the assignment. The best way to deal with such an issue is by using a capable paraphrasing tool. Similarly, digital marketers who want to use a single draft multiple times to make it unique can use a rewrite tool.

The only problem you may face while paraphrasing content for multiple purposes is the need for more budget to endure the expenses of costly tools that allow you to paraphrase online. 

However, a few free tools are also available for this purpose. You just need to be sure about the features they offer before selecting one. 

Read on to learn more.

Features to Look for in a Free Paraphrasing Tool

Understandably, we will like to have a thing that is best in class at our disposal, be it a machine, vehicle, device, application, or even an online tool. The only way to determine the best tool is to know its features. We have discussed a few features you should look for while selecting a free rephraser below to help you in this regard. 

Further details are given below.

Friendly Interface

What is the point of using a tool that is too difficult to use? This statement is also true for a paraphraser that you want to use for paraphrasing content and making it look unique. A friendly interface will not only help you use the tool without any hassle but also ensure optimum user experience (UX).

Compatibility with All Devices

Sometimes you need to rephrase content ASAP, and you won’t have a desktop or laptop device at your disposal every time. Hence, the free paraphrasing tool you have chosen should be compatible with all kinds of devices, including tablet and smartphone devices. 

Moreover, you should make sure that the rewrite tool you are using offers a responsive layout for all kinds of digital devices. 

Support for Multiple Languages

While English is the most used and spoken language worldwide, it is not the only language. Many other languages are used as a medium for education and digital marketing. 

For example, Spanish, Portuguese, and French languages are used not only in Europe but in South America as well. If you have to paraphrase content written in these languages, the tool you have chosen should be capable of doing it.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

Another excellent feature you should look for while choosing a free paraphrasing tool is multiple rephrasing modes. For example, you may need to replace significant words with their synonyms in the given content, or there could be a need to replace many words with their synonyms to make them look unique. 

Additionally, the tool should be capable of providing you the ability to replace words with their synonyms manually if you are too careful about the replacement of words in the content. 

Finally, such a tool will also come in handy for digital marketers who want to generate multiple copies of content from a single draft.

Ability to Paraphrase Content with Larger Word Count in One Go

It is often observed that most tools that let you paraphrase online for free don’t allow you to upload content with more than 1000 words for paraphrasing. 

However, if you make a little effort, you will be able to find the right tool that will allow you to rewrite content with up to 2000 words in one go. 

Such a tool will help you sustain the meaning of an entire write-up and also help you save significant time and effort in dividing content into multiple portions and uploading them one by one.

Parallel Tabs to View Original and Rephrased Content

You may not see such a feature in many paraphrasing tools. However, it requires effort from your side to find the tool that allows you to view the original draft and rewritten copy of the content in parallel tabs. Viewing both versions of content enables you to compare the rewritten copy with each other and determine the changes made to the content.

The Takeaway

If you want to use one of the free paraphrasing tools to paraphrase online, you should look for a few features available in a paraphrasing tool before you start using it. 

We have included details about these features above to help you identify the best free rewrite tool. The shared information will help you find the best tool.

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