Where to Place Wavlink Extender After Setup?

Wavlink setup

While experimenting with fixing the poor network, you have decided to set up a Wavlink range extender. Well, you made a good choice. But after you are done with the Wavlink setup, you can relocate your extender to a new place. Since while setting up the extender you have to place it near the router, after the setup, you can now move it to the place where you are getting poor network. This is why you have invested in a WiFi range extender, right? But there are various factors that you need to consider while you are shifting your extender to a new location in the home. Want to know about them? Read the next section.


Factors to Consider While Relocating Wavlink Extender

1. Distance From the Router

Place the Wavlink WiFi extender closer to your router. This is because the extender takes in the signal from the router and then extends it further. So, choose a place that is close enough to your router. But not very close also.  Ideally, the extender should be placed halfway between the router and the place where you are getting poor WiFi signals. 

2. WiFi Interference

 There are many other networking devices in the home that operate on the same frequency as the extender does. The signals interfere with each other and reduce the WiFi quality. So, it is advised that you place the Wavlink WiFi range extender away from other networking devices. Apart from networking devices, other home appliances or devices that radiate EM waves can also interfere with the WiFi signal. So keep them away from your extender. 

3. Devices that You Want to Access the Internet On

You need to consider the client devices as well while looking for an appropriate location for the Wavlink extender. It is recommended that devices that you want to access the internet on should be placed in the line of sight of the extender. A clear line of sight will hlp you get better WiFi access.

4. Other Objects in the Home

The next thing that you need to take care of is other objects in the home. Place the Wavlink extender away from metallic cabinets, heavy furniture, reflexive surfaces, and large water bodies. These objects can obstruct the WiFi signals thereby affecting its quality.

5. Distance from Ground

It is recommended that you place the Wavlink wireless range extender on a higher shelf in the home.The signals get radiated outwards and downwards. So place it higher such that the signal doesn’t get wasted. 

6. Other Factors

Apart from the above points, there are a few things that you need to avoid.  You should avoid placing the Wavlink extender in enclosed areas of the home. Do not place it in corners, basements or attics. Keep it away from doors and windows so that the signal is not getting wasted unnecessarily. Choose an open place away from doors and windows.

On a Final Note

Now you know what factors you need to consider while you are looking for a place to shift your Wavlink extender. Keep all the points in mind and choose an appropriate place and relocate the extender right away. You are sure to get a better-quality network now. After you have shifted the device, we want you to update the firmware of your extender to the most recent version. This is another way you can get better signals from your Wavlink wireless range extender. Download the latest firmware update file for your extender and save it on your PC. Once done, access the WiFi Wavlink com login page to go to settings. Install the latest firmware file on the extender. You can refer to the user manual to know the exact steps to update the firmware.

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