Use YouTube Live Streaming to Grow Your Audience

live stream your event on YouTube

We can say that the mother of all video-sharing websites can be YouTube. It claims to have more than 1 billion users or nearly one in three internet users. Additionally, the topics it focuses on are academically challenging. Users submit millions of hours of video, with topics ranging from instructional to whatever you can see in our surroundings, as well as everything from home movies to commercially produced independent films.

In spite of everything, live streaming on YouTube is still an incredibly underutilized broadcasting medium. Some people could think that’s unfortunate, but I’ll argue it’s an opportunity for you and your brand to expand your customer base for your brands and company. As a result, your brand is strengthened, and people are motivated to take action after reading your content. In this blog, we are going to talk about the Youtube specifically live-streaming platform and the best practices you should need to do to grow your overall audience for your brand. 

Best Youtube Live Streaming Practices 

Create a Teaser Video

Days or weeks before your live event and post a teaser video on your YouTube channel. It should serve as a little “commercial” for your event, making use of your current subscribers and announcing new features. Include further details about the live broadcast, the subjects you’ll be discussing, the day, the time, and any other information viewers will need to tune in. Request that people distribute the teaser on social media.

Reveal the Teaser

Teasers are wonderful. Even better would be to extend them over time to gradually unveil various sections. A good lead-up period to generate interest is two or three weeks.

Prepare for SEO

Search engine optimization should be applied to your YouTube live channel. Add keywords and keyword phrases to your channel’s configuration a few days before the event. In addition to keeping your key terms highly relevant, this gives search engines time to index your event.

Early Distribution of the Streaming Link

A common error is waiting to provide the streaming link until right before the event. It will build attention and act as a reminder if you release it between 24 and 48 hours beforehand.

Release the Teaser as a Bonus

Add the teaser or a brief segment from an earlier occasion to the videos already on your YouTube account. This lets everyone who occasionally watches know about your future live stream event.


Share a unique post about your live event on your social media channels. Set up the notice to go live and announce the event’s unveiling as your broadcast starts by automating this task with the live streaming platform’s scheduler of your choice.

Include the Link

Add the YouTube link to your blog using the embed tool. To share the embedded link, nudge other blogs.

Send Private Emails

Make contact with bloggers using your personal email address. Encourage them to take part, cover the occasion, or provide the embedded link. Keep in mind to send a thank-you note in response to any favourable feedback you get. Make a list of your friends who can assist you by spreading the word about your live broadcast on their social networks and in their networks.

Engage Viewers

While your event is still live, make highlight videos that you may use to advertise upcoming YT Live events.

Provide a perk: An e-book that is available for free download or another kind of lead-generation magnet can persuade potential viewers to watch live.

Set up a time for live Q&A as a secured block of your productive work schedule by adding live “office hours.” These can be advertised as whole live events or as stand-alone additional materials, independent of the scheduled activities. This style encourages interaction and teaches viewers more about you, your business, and the motivations behind what you do.

Create unique, humorous, eye-catching thumbnails that attract viewers’ attention and encourage clicks. Ensure that your advertising photographs will be aesthetically appealing in a range of sizes.

Be a Thoughtful Host

Think of the time zones: Include a common time zone designator with every mention of your event. You want to make sure that everyone, everywhere will be aware of the timings you go live. And be sure that the audience won’t be confused by time zone shifts, especially if you frequently draw viewers from outside your home zone.

Collaborate: Create a partnership with a person, or business and must live streaming services in Ras Al Khaimah to increase your viewership quickly. Potential partners should have a close connection to your brand so you can capitalize on audience interest across platforms. Conduct some due diligence to ensure congruence of ideals and business practices, just as you would for any initiative in which you associate your company name and brand reputation with another.

Create a Landing Page Before the Event

Make a static page specifically for this event on your website or blog. Include a subscription box so that visitors may sign up for updates to your list. Increase response rates by including your lead magnet.

A big reveal is promised (and delivered). Inform potential audience members that you will share some rare, insider knowledge, advice, or content that is only available during the live event. Prepare in advance what you’ll provide as the build-payout. up’s Make a big deal out of the promise in all of your pre-event advertising. A word of advice: Make sure the reveal delivers genuine value for your audience and is appropriate given the level of anticipation you’ve generated. Otherwise, you run the risk of failing your audience and losing their interest in future events.

Summing Up

If you are an individual then its okay to leverage the very own features of social networking sites like;

But if you are a brand then it’s a bad idea to just open your Youtube and start streaming live. As there are many live streaming services in Sharjah UAE, that offer a multistreaming feature, where you stream your event over all these mentioned social sites simultaneously. Hope you get some learning from this blog and how you grow your audience reach using live streaming platform.

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