The emergence of the disposable vape device

vape device

Disposable vape devices are picking up a lot of popularity in recent years. 

There are lots of disposable devices available in your local vape shop, ranging from small to palm-size, and filled with different flavours.

Read on to find out the most popular disposable vape devices and why you should go disposable instead of any other style of device. 

Different types

There are over 2,022 different styles of disposable vape devices on the market. 

Most of these devices are quite simple and easy to use, while others add functionality, giving you some control over the experience.

Disposable vape devices can come with a rechargeable battery or be completely single use — meaning you recycle it once the vape juice and battery have been depleted.

Keep in mind, if you see a disposable with 2,000 puffs or more, it will likely need a type C charger — most devices have no cord included in the package. 

Also, most devices are mouth to lung draw like a cigarette, but with lower nicotine levels — others are RDL with a higher nicotine level. 

Why want one

Disposable vapes are convenient, compact, and very good for beginners. 

One of the best parts about disposable vapes is the ease of use. 

They have a ton of choices available, so you can have a nearly custom device. 

Most disposable vapes have stronger flavour due to the coils used. 

Even with the fact that you have to buy a new device weekly or monthly, there is no maintenance, and they are cheaper than buying cigarettes in the long run.

One of the main reasons people switching to vaping prefer disposable vape devices is the fact they mock the movements and feel of smoking cigarettes — making the transition easier. 

Most popular 

One of the most popular brands of disposable vape devices is Elf Bar. 

Elf Bar devices are typically a palm size squarish shape with a mouthpiece encompassing half of the top. 

The most popular of their devices is the Elf Bar BC5000. 

This is a rechargeable device with a strong nicotine hit. 

There are 12 flavours and many different colours available.

Another device that is popular is the Vuse Go.

Vuse is a major maker in the disposable vape market. 

This device is a smaller pen style vape with nicotine salt, several colours, and 6 different flavours.

The Vuse Go is a true single use that typically has 500 puffs and a 370 mAh battery. 

Disposable vape devices come in many shapes, colours, sizes, and styles.

They are prefilled devices that are designed to be replaced when the battery dies or the tank is emptied.

The cleanliness and safety of the planet can start with you, please dispose of them responsibly by placing the empty device in your recycle bin instead of the ground or the rubbish heap.

New vapers would be better served by visiting a local vape shop and purchasing a disposable vape device, such as the ones discussed today.

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