Stealth Attraction Secret Trigger Words Review By Richard La Ruina PUA

Stealth Attraction

If most men were honest they would the first to admit that one of the major focus areas in their lives is meeting the ‘Perfect 10’ and, without being intimidated by the situation talk to her in a self-confident manner. A conversation that would hopefully lead to something far more intimate later on. However, a successful approach is more than just conversation – and there are a myriad of different ‘systems’ out there that claim to have success rates that ‘guarantee’ that the ‘Average Joe’ can identify the perfect woman and interact with her in a way that ensures that he scores every time. 

The truth is that most of these systems don’t work, and if they do they lead to minimum rates of success and a night of passion with a woman that is not the dream companion that the man had hoped for.

the question is – are there exceptions, is there a program that has proved itself over time and changed the lives of thousands of men? In this short below we take a closer look at a program that has stood the test of time – and is still receiving rave reviews, the Stealth Attraction Program.

What is the Stealth Attraction Program?

In short, this is a program developed by Richard La Ruina in order to help those who suffer from what he calls ‘approach anxiety’ which affects men trying to approach women in order to have sex.  

The Stealth Attraction Program helps these men to overcome the fear of rejection and the accompanying feeling of being ‘tongue tied’. Richard La Ruina claims that the system will ensure that rejection is never again an issue – on the contrary using it will attract women in a physical way in under 10 minutes. The using a system of light touches and glances a man will be assured of transforming that initial attraction into a night of passion under the sheets – every single time. And this can happen in public settings where that interaction takes place, such as a nightclub, dinner party, or a high-end bar.

About PUA (Pick Up Artist) Richard La Ruina

Richard La Ruina is a well-known relationship expert in the Pick Up Artist community and industry. he has devoted himself to providing men with the tools to overcome their insecurities when flirting with that Perfect 10 – and get better results from a casual conversation. His system allows men to overcome the defensive nature of women, lower their guard and lead to that night of mind-blowing sex. 

How Does Stealth Attraction Work?

The system is designed for ease of understanding and provides actionable information to improve your seduction skills and techniques that will supercharge your short-term romantic life. It is presented in three DVD modules, with practical examples in the form of live video. 

The first module covers the basics and is the foundation of the program. 

The subject matter includes: 

– The fundamentals of successfully using body language to attract and seduce women.

– How to exude confidence when you are surrounded by strangers 

– How to attract the attention of the women around you – before making your approach

The second module (Stealth Seduction) covers:

– Technique to draw the attention of women

– How to promote oneself as an attractive proposition.

– How to use the approach in various social settings

This module makes extensive use of practical ‘live play’ videos to clarify the approach and subject matter.

The third module (Stealth Arousal And Extraction) covers:

– Techniques required to create arousal

– How to decide whether it’s her place or yours – and the different approaches for each situation

Pros And Cons Of the Stealth Attraction Program


– The techniques are easy and subtle to use, as well as reduce the possibility of rejection

– Sharpens interaction skills

– Easy-to-understand, well-designed system with practical demonstrations

– More effective than books or audio instruction

– Practical advice for a number of locations


– Although not essential prior experience with women is useful

– Only available in video format

– Exclusive focus on one-night stands

Who Is Stealth Attraction For?

This program is designed for results-focused men, the results being having a non-strings-attached one-night stand, every day of the week, after only interacting with that dream partner for a few hours. It’ll help those who lack the self-confidence to approach women and give them the tools to ensure that they become masters of results-orientated seduction.

Where To Buy Stealth Attraction Program?

For those who want to get started on their journey to sexual success, the program is available at the official site: Richard La Ruina Stealth Attraction Secret Trigger Words PDF . Here, you will be able to watch an intro stealth attraction video after which you can immediately dive in into instantly using these stealth techniques to covertly attract and seduce women.

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