Sex Toys in Mumbai: Are They Legal?

Sex Toys

In sharp contrast to the discrete nature of talks about sex, sex toys are audaciously sold in physical stores complete with visible displays. Toys, both motorised and non-motorized, decorate the sidewalk booths just across from a court in Mumbai. The sellers assert that they have been operating their sex toy shops in Mumbai for the last 40 years.

Vendors say that Indian sex toys are prominently displayed to make it simple and pleasant for clients to approach us. These sex gadgets are purchased from vendors by both male and female clients. Some of them do this to entice their spouses, while others do it to give their acquaintances, particularly newlywed ones, gifts.

When asked what these toys are,merchants will proudly show their collection off and say that this is what sells!  Prices for the goods ranged from R300 to R400. When asked about the legality of these toys, they will simply say that why don’t you check online to get your answer!

According to vendors, sex dolls could be ordered for anywhere between INR 10000 to INR 20000. You may get a little one for about Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,000 if you need one. These products had no negative side effects, if they did, they wouldn’t have been in business for 40 years.

Market penetration in Mumbai

Sex toys may be purchased from a variety of e-commerce websites in a completely legal manner. Offline stores, however, are a different story. The Mumbai Police’s Social Service Branch is not aware that these sex toys are being sold in the market there. Once they were made aware of it, they took legal action against pornographic publications and DVDs that are on display, along with the toys that were physically displayed.

They are being sold in open marketplaces despite the customs department confiscating them. Only 10 to 20 percent of the amount was confiscated by the customs. Businesses pay significant payments to enter the city with their shipments, “said a customs department officer. 

Physical Display makes people uncomfortable 

Regular customers of market places find it extremely uncomfortable when they pass by stalls selling sex toys. It is quite challenging since toys with pornographic images are openly sold here. How can such things be freely available on the market if they are illegal – is what these innocent customers want to know.

Retailers ought to possess morality. When marketing these products, companies should at the very least conceal the pornographic images. This is where online sex toy stores come in the picture. Completely legal, discreet delivery, wide variety, and no offense to anyone! When buying sex toys, it is always advisable to buy them online from a trusted seller.

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