My Nextbox AC1200 WiFi Extender Is Not Working!

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I recently bought a Nextbox AC1200 WiFi extender in my home and configured it to make the most out of my internet connection. Though I rack up Nextbox WiFi extender setup success, but despite the fact, I find that my device has stopped working suddenly. Please help me with this!”

We are continuously receiving these queries from our Nextbox WiFi extender users worldwide. Considering you are on this page, it’s crystal-clear that you also have the same concern, right? If so, then need not to worry about anything. The reason is, in this particular piece of writing, we have provided a number of tested and proven troubleshooting hacks following which the issue “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue can be fixed at hand. Hence, stick to this 3-minute read!

Note: Do not panic if you don’t have Nextbox AC1200 extender. The troubleshooting hacks can be implemented on any Nextbox extender model. So, , you have some of the best hacks handy that can make your Nextbox work smoothly.

Fixed: Nextbox WiFi Extender Not Working

Fix 1: Check the Power Supply

The first and foremost reason that has caused the issue is the improper power supply to the Nextbox extender. Therefore, to make your Nextbox device up and running, it is recommended that you verify the power (electricity) being supplied to your device. Ensure that it is steady and fluctuation-free.

Besides, you need to check the Nextbox extender’s wall outlet as well. Bear in mind, use of a damaged wall socket will make it difficult for the power to reach the wires of the power adapter of the extender. As a matter of fact, to make your extender well-working for you without giving you any issues, plug in your Nextbox WiFi extender to a working power outlet.

Fix 2: Check the Connection

Another common reason why you are experiencing “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue is because you have not connected your devices (extender and router) in a proper way. To troubleshoot the issue, it is suggested that you connect them firmly.

There are a couple of important points that you must keep in mind prior to connecting your devices.

Ethernet source: On the off chance, you have used an Ethernet cable for making a connection between your devices, ensure that:

One: The cable is in working condition. Means, the cable must not have any damages or cuts on it.

Two: The cable is supposed to be connected into the correct ports of your Nextbox WiFi extender and your host router.

Three: Ethernet connection between them (your devices) must be finger-tight.

Four: Use an extension cord or two working wall plugs to plug in your Nextbox and the host device closer to each other.

Apart from this, if you have used a wireless source, then ensure to place your Nextbox WiFi extender and router in close proximity and ensure that their WiFi signals aren’t getting interrupted by: baby monitors, Alexa devices, gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, play stations, automatic garage openers, smart HDTV, etc.

Fix 3: Do Nextbox Extender Firmware Update

In case, you are still experiencing the same issue, then it might be because of an outdated firmware on your Nextbox WiFi extender. To do away with the problem, consider updating the firmware of your Nextbox device right away.

Fix 4: Restart Nextbox Extender

Did none of the tested and proven hacks listed above resolve “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue for you? Well, it seems like your device is prone to technical glitches. Taking this into consideration, we suggest you restart your Nextbox AC1200 WiFi extender right now. Simply unplug it, wait for some time, and plug it back in again. But, prior to applying this step, don’t forget to disconnect it from your router.

In the event that restarting of Nextbox WiFi extender doesn’t help you out, then it seems like your device isn’t configured in a correct manner. So, configure it from the scratch using the WPS or the manual method.

Thank you for reading! We hope that the hacks provided here were helpful!

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