How to Enable Admin Password Reset Feature on Orbi Router?

It is seen that 40 out of 50 users have a habit of forgetting the password of their Orbi routers. If you are also one of those people and want to get rid of this issue, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to tell you about the feature of the Netgear Orbi that helps you to reset your admin password in less time. To enable the feature, you need to get access to For further process, read out the post carefully. We have mentioned all the steps in detail. So, let’s start!

First, we start the process to enable the admin password reset feature we want you to know more about the feature so that you can decide if it is worth it to use or not.

What is Admin Password Reset Feature?

For your information, just like other features of the Netgear Orbi, this is also the best feature that is exclusively programmed for users who usually forgot the admin password. By enabling this feature on your Netgear Orbi router you are able to reset your admin password.

Moreover, this feature is not available in the old models of Netgear Orbi system so before performing the steps of the procedure make sure your device of the latest model.

Now, you know the benefit of the features. So, to enable this feature you have two methods, one is web based method and another is Orbi app. But in this article we have discussed only one method that is web based. Keep reading!

Steps to Enable Admin Password Reset Feature

There are a few steps that you need to perform to enable the feature. All the steps are highlighted below. So, without further ado follows the steps:

Power on Your Orbi Router

The very first thing you need to do is give the power supply to the router from the power source. Plug the router into the wall outlet. Make sure the wall outlet is non-damaged and gives a fluctuation-free power supply.

Once you plug the router into the electricity socket. Press the turn-on button until you see the light.

Now, your Orbi router is booted up for the next step.

Connect the Router to Modem

Now, you need to make a reliable connection between the Orbi router and modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. We recommend you Ethernet cable because the chances of disconnection are low in a wired connection until it is damaged or broken.

Insert the Ethernet cable ends into the device’s Ethernet ports properly. Do not make the loose connection otherwise, you might face the Orbi pink light.

Open the Internet Browser

To open the browser you need to switch on your computer or laptop. You can use any of them according to which one you have. Thereafter, open the latest version of the web browser on your device to get the best results.

The internet browser should be trash free because the extra file of the cache and cookies disturb the process and corrupt the internal files.

Access the Default URL

Now, you need to access the default web address of the Netgear Orbi router which is To do this you need to insert the URL into the address bar carefully without making any typing mistakes. Once you insert the address into the address bar click on the Enter button.

Log Into the Orbi

Netgear Orbi login panel will appear on your screen in which you need to fill in the default credentials of the device. In case you are not aware about the default password of your device then take the help of user manual in which every information is available including default password and Orbi satellite colors. Thereafter, click on the Log In button.

Now, you see the dashboard of the Orbi router in which you need to perform the sub-steps to enable the admin password reset feature. You can follow the following points:

  • First, you need to navigate Advance Settings.
  • Select the Administration Settings.
  • Click on the Set Password option.
  • You will see the Set Password Page.
  • Here, check the Enable Password Reset checkbox.
  • Select any two security questions and give the answer.
  • Click on the Apply button and Save.

The admin password reset feature has been successfully activated through access the

Bottom Lines,

This is how you enable the feature on the Netgear Orbi router in no time. So, now you can simply reset your device admin password by giving the answers to the two security questions. In case you are not able to activate the feature than try to check the steps of the process to make sure you follow the right steps or not.

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