How Do You Clean Vinyl Windows Without Scratching Them?

Vinyl Windows

The valuable properties of vinyl (such as resistance to ultraviolet rays of the Sun and other kinds of damage) make it a suitable material to be used in windows. However, the glass of the windows may get scratched easily at the time you clean them. Therefore, when you are cleaning your vinyl windows, you should practice proper care and maintenance to ensure that the windows remain clean and beautiful and do not get scratched and damaged in the process.

The Steps for Cleaning Vinyl Windows Without Scratching Them

While cleaning your vinyl windows in OKC, you should be careful. For instance, you should only be using microfiber clothes and mild detergents that can effectively clean the windows while not scratching them.

Cleaning the Surface

At the first step of the cleaning, you need to use clean and fresh water for cleaning your windows. The water will remove all the dirt and loose particles from the glass surface and vinyl windows. Pour clean water gently over the surface from utensils like a water jug or a pitcher. You can also use a wet and clean rag for cleaning the window. Wet the rag, wring it, and then clean the window. However, do not remove the dirt from dry windows.

Also ensure that you are not wearing any bracelets, watches, or rings when you are cleaning the windows. These items may scratch the window surface and the glass accidentally, without you even being aware of it. The objects may also cause a puncture in the vinyl surface. Lastly do not clean the glasses when they are in direct sunlight.

Prepare the Window Cleaning Mixture

You need to prepare a mixture of mild detergent and water for cleaning the windows safely. The use of harsh chemicals for cleaning the window and vinyl surfaces should be avoided. You only need 30 ml (or a quarter cup) of mild detergent and a gallon (3.7 liters) of water to prepare the mixture. The water you use for preparing the mixture should be at a warm temperature when you mix the detergent into it.

Avoid using detergents and chemicals that contain ammonia and/or alcohol as they can damage the glass and vinyl surfaces and cause scratches. Certain cleaning products including dishwashing soaps and detergents may also contain abrasive substances. Therefore, they should not be used for cleaning vinyl windows. Your window warranty may also be void if you use such products for cleaning the windows.

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Using Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning Windows

Once the mixture of the mild detergent and water has been prepared, you can clean your vinyl windows with it. 

Dip a clean microfiber cloth into the mixture and then wring it. Now you can clean your vinyl window and the glass surfaces with this microfiber cloth. Clean in a right-to-left or left-to-right direction and ensure that you maintain consistency. Do not apply excessive pressure as it may cause window scratches. Also, do not use abrasive household clothes/sponges and paper towels for cleaning your windows.

Once the windows have been cleaned using the detergent mixture, you need to clean them again with fresh and clean water (that does not have any detergent) and another microfiber cloth. After these two phases of window cleaning, you can dry the windows by using a cloth that can absorb water. It will prevent the occurrence of water spots as well. Prefer soft absorbent towels (without lint) for it.


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