Easy Cute Tiger Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Easy Cute Tiger Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids youngsters will have a blast learning the simple, step-by-step instructions in this How to Draw a Tiger guide to create your dragon drawings. The fascinating wild animal is the tiger. Drawing For Kids tigers are the biggest cats; this step-by-step tutorial is for sketching a lovely cartoon tiger.


These large cats are amazing creatures. The black stripes can recognize on their orange and white fur.

One of my child’s favorite animals is the tiger. There are numerous plush tigers scattered throughout the house. On National Tiger Day, we have even been known to have them join us for supper (July 29th)

There are six different varieties of tigers. Did you know that? Tigers found in Asia include the Bengal tiger, South China tiger, Amur tiger (also known as the Siberian tiger), Sumatran tiger, Indochinese tiger, and Malayan tiger.


We also want to ensure you have the appropriate tools before drawing. Here are the necessary drawing supplies, such as paper and our preferred drawing pencils.

Learning to sketch certain people and animals for artists of any age is always enjoyable. We enjoy breaking down each drawing into a step-by-step instruction manual. Additionally, I believe the downloadable drawing instructions help bring the simple designs to life.

You won’t want to miss some of our other entertaining drawing tutorials if you share our love of drawing tutorials.

Step By Step Tiger Drawing For Kids

Body of tiger:

Print out the below free drawing lesson and follow along first. Pick up some paper and a pencil. Remember to start each step of the drafting process with light lines.

Creating Tiger:

  • The tiger’s head must be drawn first. The tiger’s head is sometimes compared to an upside-down tomato. The bottom of the skull has three small bends, while the top is slightly flat.
  • Sketch the body of the tiger. The bottom of the tiger’s head has two curving lines that descend and curve under. To build each of the front paws, cut out a curved shape.

Sketch of the hind legs of a tiger:

  • The next stage is sketching the hind legs of our adorable cartoon tiger, currently sitting. Draw the tiger’s hind legs from each side of its torso. Two lines can be drawn up the fronts of the paws. These separate the tiger’s front legs from the front of its body.

Draw the ears of a tiger:

  • The tiger’s adorable ears are what we’ll be sketching next. To create each ear, draw two half circles, one from each side of the head.
  • Tigers have fake eyeballs on the backs of their ears, which is a fun tidbit. They deter predators with white markings on the back of their ears that resemble tiger eyes.

Draw a tiger’s tail:

  • Drawing the tail is the subsequent stage. a thin, curving line extending from the tiger’s back.

Tiger’s neck and paws:

  • The v-neckline is drawn on the front of the tiger’s torso in step 6. Next, there were little circles in the center of each hind paw.

The face of a tiger:

  • The tiger’s face should then be sketched. I like to begin by drawing two little lines in the middle of the face to represent the tiger’s nasal bridge.
  • Draw a tiny heart-shaped shape for the nose at the tip. Then, for the front of the mouth, draw two circles, one on either side of the nose.
  • The bottom lip of the tiger head is made by joining the two circles. The eyes—smaller circles for the eye sockets—are the last feature to be added to the tiger’s face.

Draw the tiger’s stripes:

  • The tiger’s body must then be completely covered in tiger stripes. Small leaf-like shapes may emanate from the tiger’s head, around the body’s outer edges, and through its breast and tail.

Use a darker pencil to draw over all your lines:

  • Then, to finish your tige, go over each light line with a darker final line.
  • The tiger drawing should now be the colored coloring of your tiger drawing in the final stage. Use acrylic paints, markers, pencils, or crayons. They will all bring the tiger you drew to life. Hope you enjoy over drawing tutorial.
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