All About Linksys Smart WiFi: An Informative Guide

Linksys Smart WiFi Tools

If you have invested in a Linksys Smart WiFi router, then you are going to get benefitted from its free service which is Linksys Smart WiFi. Using it, you can have secure access to your home network via a web browser or smartphone. Use linksyssmartwifi com on the web browser and use the Linksys app on the mobile device. You can have the access to your home network and check the network status, enable guest access, and whatnot. Make all the desired changes remotely using Linksys smart WiFi.

How is it Different from Linksys Setup Software?

In general, while you are trying to set up your Linksys devices, you use the Linksys setup software. You use the default IP address or the login web address on a browser to access the admin panel or the Linksys setup page. The same can be done using the Linksys app. So how is it different from the Linksys Smart WiFi?

While you are using the setup software, you need to be connected to the home network which is not true in the case of the Linksys Smart WiFi. That means without having access to the home network, you can access it from anywhere using a secure login account.

What is Linksys Smart WiFi Compatible With?

You can access the complete features of Linksys Smart WiFi on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari if you want to access it on a web browser. While Linksys Smart WiFi supports Android, iOS, and iPad.

What Features are Available on Linksys Smart WiFi?

After you access Linksys Smart WiFi, you will see various features or Linksys Smart WiFi Tools on the left panel of the page. You can click on the tools that you want to currently use. Here is the list of the tools available:

  1. Device List

This tool lets you manage the devices that are connected to your home network. You can easily manage and monitor your devices using Device List Smart WiFi Tools. In the latest Linksys smart routers, this is known as Network Map Tool.

  1. Guest Access

The guests in your home can access the internet without having to access your home network or computers on your network. This creates a separate network for your guests.

  1. Parental Controls

You can have control over what your child can do online on various devices. You have the option of setting different internet accessing rules for different devices on the home network.

  1. Media Prioritization

This tool lets you assign network bandwidth priority to different devices. You can assign more bandwidth to the devices that are top on priority and vice versa.

  1. Speed Test

Check upload and download speed to and from your home network using the speed test feature.

  1. USB/External Storage

Store and share content across your home network using USB/external storage features. This is also known as NAS or network-attached storage. Using the USB port on the router, you can attach the storage device to it and store and share the required data.

  1. Connectivity

You can view or modify the Linksys smart router’s configurations using the Connectivity tool. Network name, password, internet settings, network settings, and many more settings can be changed using this.

  1. Troubleshooting

Using this tool, you can diagnose connection problems, monitor the devices connected to your home network and check the internet traffic. There are 3 tabs in the troubleshooting section Status, Diagnostics, and logs.

  1. Wireless

View and manage the security configuration of your wireless network using this tool. Keep your Linksys router home network safe using this tool.

  1. Security

Have control over the protection of your home network using this tool. This tool has the main features which are Firewall, DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) and Apps & Gaming.

  1. OpenVPN Server

You can use OpenVPN client software and have remote access to your home network from anywhere on the globe.

To Briefly Conclude

With this, we put an end to our article on Linksys Smart WiFi and Smart WiFi Tools. We are sure that now you have filled your brain with sufficient information about the topic under discussion.

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