6 Car Detailing Hacks To Make Your Car Cleaner Snap!

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In the real world, your car is not always as shiny as the racing cars in the movies. There will be dents from hitting a hard surface. You will find massive trash in the cabin as if it is your jungle. At the same time, the paint will dull under the harsh sun rays. The dusty Car Detailing windshield will be ruining your visibility.

All this because you don’t have the time or a two-way garage lined with detailing supplies to restore your car to its glory. Only when the car refuses to ignite you decide to put it through premium car battery replacement in Dubai services.

But cleaning your car should not be that hard. Here are some of the car detailing hacks that will make your car Car Detailing and cleaner in a snap!

1. Bring The Makeup Brushes To Your Car!

Your air vents may accumulate a lot of dust. Use a huge fluffy makeup brush to clean all the dust out of there before turning on the air again. It makes no difference if this is an old used brush or a new one. If it has been used, remove all makeup before beginning! You don’t want to end up with more to clean than you started with.

2. Headlights Are The New Teeth For Toothpaste

The headlights of the modern automobile are made of plastic. Compared to glass, plastic is significantly cheaper, much easier to work with and mold into complicated designs. Plastic headlights also offer enhanced resistance.

However, plastic is softer and more vulnerable to UV radiation. After a few years, road dust, debris, and rock chips will erode the factory-applied UV protectant, exposing the plastic. As a result, the headlights will get cloudy and opaque.

Luckily, you can fix your car’s headlights with toothpaste. Take some toothpaste from your overnight bag and clean the headlights with a microfiber cloth. You’ll have to use some elbow grease, but the results will astound you after only a few minutes of polishing.

Toothpaste includes microscopic abrasive particles that are tough enough to scrape and polish your teeth’s enamel. It is effective for polishing plastic, which is much softer.

3. Squeegee The Pet Hair Away!

Taking your pets in the Car Detailingmight be enjoyable, but the mess they leave behind is neither desired nor encouraged. But they can’t help themselves.

But we got you covered. Instead of keeping your pets at home, here’s an extremely simple vehicle cleaning solution. Fill a spray bottle halfway with ordinary water. Mist the area of the seat where the pet fur is. Don’t saturate the seat. A small amount of water goes a long way in different conditions. Scrub the upholstery with a squeegee. It will drag all of the pet hair along with it.

4. Vacuum The Cup Holders

Got cup holders that are filthy? You must have spotted spilled coffee, crumbs from a snack, and melted chocolate. Filth accumulates in all of the car’s cavities throughout your daily trips. Reaching in there and getting all the crud out may be a real nuisance. Here’s a simple workaround around the problem.

If you own a vacuum, use it to get all the hard bits out of the cupholder. Then, roll a thick microfiber towel so that it just fits into the cupholder. Spray a cleaning product generously using a spray bottle and insert the roll into the cupholder. Rotate it a few times, then pull out while still rotating to keep the debris in place. If necessary, repeat.

5. Line Up Cup Holders With Muffin Cups

It’s preferable if your cupholders don’t become that filthy in the first place.

Paper cupcake shapes or silicone muffin cups fit wonderfully in your car’s cup holders. They will gather all the dirt and filth, allowing you to effortlessly pull them out and wash them or replace them entirely.

6. Olive Oil Is Brilliant For Your Dashboard And Leather

With a bit of olive oil, you can keep your auto dashboard looking fresh and new. Rubbing it into your dash will keep it looking great and help preserve moisture in the material. To preserve your interior from the sun, treat it once a year with a UV-protectant and leather conditioner. As a result, it is less prone to break over time.

To sum up, if you are unable to find time from your busy schedule for booking car oil change services, these hacks got you covered. These hacks can help you to clean your car in a snap!

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