5 Common Myths About Allergies That You Should Never Believe


Your immune system is vital in defending your body from infections. The system usually identifies the foreign antigens on bacteria or viruses and destroys them, thus reducing the chances and severity of certain illnesses. However, your immune system may develop hypersensitivity to elements such as pollen grains that are not necessarily harmful to your body. In that case, when you come across those substances, your body will experience Houston allergic reaction, which can raise other complications to your body. Therefore if you experience an adverse reaction in your body due to allergens, you should seek effective treatment. If you are ready for the treatment, here are 5 myths you should never believe about allergies.

The Allergies Only Affect the Respiratory System

Although respiratory symptoms are prevalent among many allergic individuals, you can also experience the symptoms in other body parts. For example, if you are prone to seasonal allergies, you are more likely to experience headaches and fatigue after encountering certain allergens. Therefore, listening to all the body parts is good if you are allergic.

Allergies and Viral Infections Have Similar Symptoms

While viral complications and allergies have some common symptoms, the two conditions do not refer to the same thing. Notably, after the immune system responds adversely to certain stuff, you can experience the cold-like symptoms you may confuse with the flu. However, viral infections in your respiratory system cause yellow mucus, unlike allergies which cause clear mucus.

Food Allergies and Seasonal Allergies Do Not Relate

Many people do not experience significant reactions from food allergens, making them think that food allergies are unrelated to deadly seasonal allergies. However, the reality is that certain fruits and nuts constitute nutrients such as proteins, similar to those in the allergic pollen grains. Therefore, after taking such meals, your body can still experience the same reaction as the one you experience when you are in contact with the pollen.

Allergy Is Not a Big Deal

Some individuals believe that allergic reactions can only result in unpleasant reactions without threatening the lives of the victims. Nevertheless, when your immune system releases a significant proportion of the histamine, you can develop uncontrolled inflammation, which triggers difficulties in breathing and loss of consciousness. In that case, you should pursue immediate medical intervention since you could be suffering from life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Only Children Can Get the Allergies

Everyone can get an allergic reaction irrespective of age. The individual’s immune system dictates whether they will be allergic or not in the course of their life. However, if you have a compromised immune system, especially during pregnancy, you are more likely to develop new seasonal allergies.

Are you allergic to certain substances that you encounter in daily life? If yes, you do not have to ignore that situation anymore since it can worsen, threatening your life. Clear the air with the above-debunked misconceptions and seek the appropriate treatment. The team of experienced physicians at Houston Medical ER provides diverse treatment options to patients with allergic reactions to safeguard their lives. Call their office and visit the facility to receive quality care.

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